Gordons problem solving – a bit fishy. Codebreaker An easier variation on the classic Mastermind game. Gordons fractions of amounts bingo. The first player to claim 6 fish is the winner. Counting Game A skip-counting game.

Ratio and Proportion Answers. Good for building mental maths skills in different contexts. Fit the pieces into the water slide. Aimed at 10 and 11 year olds, these tests are good revision for SATs. Gordons division remainder bingo. Gordons horizontal subtraction using place value cards.

St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School

Great logic game using numbers. Estimate the maghs at the arrow. What is the fraction of butterflies you caught? This is another site designed for 10 and 11 year olds. Gordons numberline subtraction – counting back. You are running an ice cream van for two days. Very motivating, particularly for boys!

Ed the owl explains what multiples are and then you can try his quiz which will test your knowledge of multiples. Nrich is where it’s problrm if your want to provide enrichment and problem solving in your jaths. NEVER use your last name! Problem Solving with Data Handling. Various levels from whole numbers to 50right up to decimals and large numbers. Try looking up “add, addition” for an example.


Gordons problem solving – at the toy shop. Gordons square numbers bingo.

wmnet maths problem solving

How good are you at estimating or measuring angles? Flitting with Fractions Choose the right butterflies to put mwnet the jar. A good problem solving activity.

Gordons problem solving – a bit fishy.

Problem Solving

Gordons digital time bingo. The site is bright, colourful and animated. You will find information about those on your child’s class pages.

I may be a little biased because I love Edexcel, but these question packs are really useful. Use the number spinner. Instructions are necessary, but it’s easy to work out.

For children in upper key stage two. Gordons fractions of amounts bingo.

This activity is highly addictive! Four turns to A card game involving addition and place value. There are instructions, planning sheets, teacher notes wmnnet downloadable sheets to support the resource. Teacher controls to set the level of difficulty.

St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School – Homework

They are ideal for class or small group teaching and cover the majority of areas of the primary maths curriculum. Gordons higher and lower. Ghost Blasters is a fun one!


wmnet maths problem solving

Year 4 Expanded Column Subtraction This video demonstrates the expanded column method for subtraction that we will be looking at in Year 4.

Make a BIG number!

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