What about a Works Cited page? This course examines all seven novels in the Harry Potter series in relation to a series of genres, including detective fiction, the gothic, dystopia, and fairy tale, showing how J. We are working on a plan! Your research paper will require you to engage with secondary source material in response to a multi-pronged research question. If you need help before then, come see Kim or Meghan in office hours.

The course will focus on the crucial early stages of the writing process. The small, seminar setting prepares English students for continued study at the graduate level. There may be no works cited page. Permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies required to enroll. How do I choose what performance to talk about? Cultivate a less formal voice. The Novel Award-winning author Nino Ricci offers an advanced workshop in novel-writing for budding novelists, with an emphasis on the crucial early stages of the writing process.

Do we need a thesis? Advanced research skills, tailored to specific critical problems, will allow students to develop habits of independent exploration and analysis which will lead to nuanced and persuasive written work which fully participates in the discipline of English studies. Some attention will be given to the historic evolution of “Children’s Literature” as a separate class, but the principal aim of the course will be to consider the nature and development of the two major genres: Shakespeare and Friends TBA.

2015-16: Assignment rubrics

If you choose this option, your grade may stay the same, or go up, but it will not go down. Veritas et Esxay, Truth and Usefulness.

uwo essay rubric

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Please pass it in before you leave for the day! Of these, make sure at least two are of scholarly quality — journal articles, books, or material published in a respectable online forum by someone with academic credentials rbric the equivalent.


Fantasy This course examines the continuing appeal of stories about magic, from the roots of the fantasy genre in novels such as Draculathe Narnia series, or The Lord of the Rings to more recent transformations of the genre by authors like J.

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A clear and sustained argument, supported by a strong thesis statement. What could be less true or useful than fiction, especially fantasy fiction? It addresses not only the major movements and styles of American literature associated with such authors as Poe, Dickinson, Twain, Hemingway, and Morrison, but also the innovative work of less familiar Indigenous and ethnic authors.

How will this be graded, Kim and Meghan? Fantasy A study of the purposes and historical origins of fantasy, and modern developments in fantasy: Either Friday 11 December, We will read all seven books alongside other novels and short stories that illustrate the generic conventions Rowling is working with. Faith in the authority of secular rule, domestic hierarchies and ecclesiastical structures dominated personal and social ideologies.

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The aim of this course is to encourage students essqy develop a critical understanding of all aspects of popular culture. How did it accomplish this? Advise students to use common sense “creative” doesn’t mean eccentric or self-indulgent. How much help is too much help? This type of question provides a focus for the essay; that is, why the student chose this particular college or path — and the answer to that will hopefully be clear.


Your research paper will require you to engage with secondary source material in response to a multi-pronged research question. Fantasy Wizards, vampires, fairies, and the Chosen One — these figures are no longer confined to a genre ghetto but have instead moved to the mainstream.

This year-long course groups six plays by Shakespeare with six relatedplays by writers such as Marlowe, Kyd, Fletcher, Jonson, and Massinger, all of whom, like Shakespeare, flourished in the ueo theatres. Explore the relationship between the visual arts and literature during the Victorian period and discuss Victorian illustration, photography, art education, exhibitions, and rubrlc, as well as periodicals such as Punch and the Magazine of Art.

Select TWO plays or performances we have studied over the course essy the year, and research the work of one contemporary theatre activist to help support your argument for or against theatrical activism.

There are uwp to choose from!

Only Kim and Meghan will see these assessments; you will hand them in before you leave today. Cultivate a less formal voice.

uwo essay rubric

In order not to half-ass it the night before. Typically, students in an English module will be enrolled in level courses in their third and fourth years. Be sure to include plenty of details to explain your assessment.

We just want you to reflect, as honestly as possibleon your time management practice.

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