Hi Da- Congrats on your admissions! Or will UMBC wait until the fall term is over to make a decision? Hi Stephanie, While you have the option of submitting your Honors College application with your supplement you do not have to do so. We are known to be hard workers and determined to achieve. Thanks for answering my question so quickly. Kuhn Library, room , Baltimore, MD Hi Anita, Early Action different from Early Decision programs because it is non-binding applicants are not reviewed differently than Regular Decision applicants for need-based financial aid.

You must have all your materials, including transcripts, SAT scores, etc. If it has been over 3 weeks since you submitted your application please feel free to email admissions umbc. To transfer to UMBC a student needs at least 14 transferable college credits. Hi Anita, No disadvantages really exist with applying Early Action. I am a little confused about this program and would appreciate it if you could sort it out for me. Hi Sara, The Early Action application period is more competitive but students are either offered admission or automatically deferred to Regular Decision. My friend told me that not getting 15 credits per semester is viewed unfavorably by the admission committee since it is not rigorous enough.

Thank you for answering quickly!

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And finally are restrictions to the classes that I can take? If you are not a member of this program you can mail your application fee as a check to our office. Me, high school counselor, my neurologist? Oh thank you for the information.


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Hi jlubben, I have another question. Hi Emily- The Fall application will be online pretty soon, within the next two weeks. The other students who goes to UMBC are international students, and they either essayy at Walker Avenue Apartments and are graduate students, or they live off-campus for the most part. And I was wondering when I would get the letter? Now my gpa has gone up to 2.

I haved waited 5 weeks now and I havent received anything. Hi Alicia- A list will work just fine.

I was just wondering if there was a specific reason as to why umbc is notifying kmbc action candidates later than the date posted on collegeboard. I wouldn’t say that us kids at UMBC are geeks, per say.

UMBC is referred to in this way because we don’t have a football team and we are definitely not known as a party school. Also, I still have the question about the deadline.

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Thanks for the comment, Kwesio. That would just mean that a class could meet a requirement in both of those areas. Hi Alicia- Letters of recommendation are not required and ubmc did not need to be postmarked by Nov 1.

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But these stereotypes are totally overblown. Let us know if you have additional questions! On the Common Application, it does not offer the option to check off for Spring semester yet.

Directions for upgrading your account are found in the admit packet you received. Hi Bobby, It is our and basically all colleges and universities expectation that you maintain a strong academic record during your senior year.


umbc honors essay

You can definitely find your home people down here. I had my both my transcript and letters mailed in early October. Hi SM, All degree-seeking applicants, including transfer applicants, are required to submit an essay with their application. I was also wondering whether an interview with an admissions counselor would be necessary or encouraged, and if so how I should go about scheduling one, preferably on the same day the twenty-seventh of this monthif possible.

Also, I have a fee waiver that was given to me, based on financial aid, by my counselor. On average a full-time student will register for 15 credits per semester. Does this mean that my app is effectively put on hold until I finish this semester, or will they make a decision that relies on the grades I receive in May? Will they be used towards the Meyerhoff application? For example, if you are not accepted at the Honors College, but meet the requirements for the regular college, can you still be admitted?

Now i can wait without anxiety. Hi Katie, Transfer students applying for the Spring semester have two deadlines: You will also be considered for our merit-based scholarships.

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