Some ‘blurring’ of the features at the stern is apparent on the imagery; neither the poop nor the trapezoidal void within the stern can be distinguished. Bow directly facing the shore with stern in deepest part of C. This Swedish merchant vessel net tonnes sank in Sponges, anemones, soft corals and lots of fish make this a very enjoyable dive for more about the sea life, see the link from the Hotel Beach, below. Measured Survey 21 August – 22 August Recording of underwater biological remains by SoMAP members in association with the Marine Conservation Society’s Seasearch programme in the immediate environment of the merchant steamship, Thesis.

Sgeir Mor; John Preston: Further research is aimed to refine the current picture of the wreck, to establish a means of interpretation, and to investigate the rate of deterioration. I doubt whether the wreck has been wire-swept. Moving aft, a broken bulkhead provides access to the forward hold 4 with a small hatch open to the deck above. Sheltered from all but the worst weather. Herald of the Morning. Captain Wallace and his crew of 11 made it ashore at Craignure on Mull side of the sound.

Descend down the shot line to land on the deck close to the bow. This wreck can only be dived under licence from Historic Scotland. This ship is an example of a once-common type of general cargo ship, of which no examples appear to remain extant. Underwater photograph of a diver planning the wreck site View full details Historic Scotland Archive Project The shallow lagoon area, with its sandy bottom and interesting marine life, makes a good training site for inexperienced divers.


Admiralty ChartSound of Mull. Scallastle Bay Marked on old charts as an Admiralty Anchorage Area, this bay is littered with wreckage, including the cannon photographed left.

Formerly entered as Site no. Soound Lochaline Dive Centre has been active in developing and using advanced marine geophysical techniques to locate and survey wreck sites.

Thesis – Sound of Mull – Fyne Pioneer Dive Charters

She has not settled into the hard seabed at all. Sponges, anemones, soft corals and lots of wrefk make this a very enjoyable dive for more about the sea life, see the link from the Hotel Beach, below.

thesis wreck sound of mull

Lochaline Dive Centre, The sandy beach in front of the hotel shelves gradually off onto a steep wall, offering contrasting environments and consequently a diverse range of life all in one dive. Crockery can still to be found. Possible to swim through all of wreck.

Wreck Tour: 25, The Thesis

Steamship wrecked in in the Sound of Mull, Scotland. A 1 brass-bound deadlight from seabed. To get involved you should be an experienced diver, and have undertaken kull NAS part I qualification in underwater archaeology — see NAS Scotland page for details. Cnap A’ Chailbhe; Swan: In this case, the accuracy of the measurements remains below that required for archaeological survey. A shallow reef inshore of the red navigation marker directly opposite Lochaline.

thesis wreck sound of mull

The bow points inshore and is in about 22m depth of water; the stern is in about 33m. Other things to look our for are steam driven winches, mooring bollards, and the half-buried rudder.


Dive sites & diving in the Sound of Mull

The wreck is lying at 90 degrees to wrek shore with its bows pointing to shore. The blasting-off of the plates of the hull during that salvage has let in more light and added to the interest of dives on this.

thesis wreck sound of mull

Loch Aline Jetty; Soound Position Approximate Loss Day: Rubha Aird Seisg; Strathbeg: Sea dive experience to 24 metres or Instructional. This work is aimed at benefitting the diving community, in helping you visualise and thfsis complex wreck sites. This is an excellent shore dive on a drop-off to over 90 metres. Shipwrecks of the West of Scotland by Bob Baird. See the small ads at the back for contact details.

The boiler and engine was mounted half above and half below the single main deck under wooden deckhouses.

The structure of the SS Buitenzorg remains largely intact, lying upright on the seabed. SC Maritime photographs: The Hispania is slack water dive.

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