Use this request to submit your project proposal. First, it goes to your adviser and from there, to the course instructor if relevant to the petition and then, to the department chair. This contribution can be in the form of a. Reservados todos los derechos. Thesis , Capstone and Dissertation Resources — University of 9 Jun Please follow the format requirements in the manuals below. The proposal was approved as a trial and is currently and was implemented in Spring The Champs Fund implemented the plan in after other student representatives followed up and proposed similar plans.

The front page of these two forms is a registration summary for each candidate. However, the demands for adding new courses and new faculty members were achieved. In , Campus Choice representatives submitted a proposal to shorten the time for meeting minutes to be approved and released from two weeks to one week through implementing an online circular vote. This service is still offered today for any student who requests it. A new USFC logo was adopted.

This contribution can be in the form of a. This has been partially implemented over the past years and requires follow-up.

Our Work for Student Rights and Demands – AUB Secular Club

This document provides a description of a thesis outline. Participation in the second Laique Pride march.

This service is still offered today for any student who requests it. Participation in the first Laique Pride march. This proposal was submitted twice and it was not added to the agenda. Thesis proposal template — IEI The content, structure, and organization of a thesis proposal also provide the basis for the final thesis document itself.

Use this request if you want to join prroposal major or change your major within admissions deadlines.


Extension to thesis defense deadline, waiving of prerequisites, etc. How do I know which correct form of e-petition to select? Use this request if you have missed the drop and add period for technical or other reasons.

pefition You can contact concerned course instructor s and department chair s to explain, and possibly support, your case. This proposal was not added to the agenda.

thesis proposal petition aub

Use this request if you want to get equivalences or credit transfers for courses you have taken at AUB or at another university. Inour USFC representatives demanded longer shuttle bus hours between lower and upper campus. The report was submitted to the Student Housing Office and the Physical Plant, which implemented some of the propisal. The leave of absence application can be up to one year at a time.

Inrepresentatives of Campus Choice suggested for the USFC to hold regular town hall meetings with the student body, which was not implemented. Please note that you must clearly state the request and your reasons for the request.

thesis proposal petition aub

What should I do if I want to resume my studies and reactivate my file? This has also been partially implemented and requires follow-up.

Our Work for Student Rights and Demands

ThesisCapstone and Dissertation Resources — University of 9 Jun Please follow the format petitoin in the manuals below.

How can I track the stages and result of my e-petition? Follow old curriculum requirements Reconsideration of expulsion from faculty Equivalences or transfer of credits for courses you have taken at AUB as non-degree, as prospective, etc. Students who are not enrolled for a period of more than 12 months will be considered to have withdrawn from the program unless they apply for a leave of absence.


FAQ regarding Online Petitions and Forms System (Graduate Students)

Use this request to modify your project proposal, only if you submitted the first version online. Campus Choice representatives launched a petition to stop the GPA Equivalency Proposal, which was successful and led to the creation of a new task force to find a better system, and the administration assured students that they would be informed before any decision is final.

thesis proposal petition aub

Grading system In Fallthe administration had planned a change from percentage-based grading to letter-based grading, which in its original form would have had negative side effects of decreasing the GPA over 4. Also inseveral suggestions for a new electoral law were proposed in the USFC.

In following years, similar proposals were submitted by various student representatives, and the IT department has been working on several different solutions taking feedback from auv students, faculty, and staff. A new policy was adopted thessi came into effect in the beginning of Fall Select propowal various committee members of professorial rank. This needs follow up in upcoming years. Enhancing communication with the student body InCampus Choice representatives in the FAFS SRC launched a Facebook page where all the meeting minutes and announcements were published, and where students could give feedback and suggestions.

What should I do if my e-petition has been pending at a certain stage for a long time?

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