Later on the organization concentrated on producing Pineapple, Lemon, Guava and Litchi juice. This site uses cookies. Everyone has got clear-cut job descriptions and got equal opportunity to contribute and share their ideas and thoughts to grow in the company. Except that they are very conscious about their consumers, investors, customers and all about stakeholders. Notify me of new comments via email. Some countries such as China require that some fraction of the company entering the market is owned domestically — this would need to be taken into account. Many French consumers do not know that the Gap even exists, so they cannot decide to go shopping there.

SEL is a private limited company, established in as proprietary concern with Engr. PRAN is the pioneer in Bangladesh to be involved in contract farming and procures raw material directly from the farmers and processes through state of the art machinery at our several factories into hygienically packed food and drinks products. Also in many countries of east and west Africa. They know that large apartments is not the only size their target customers choose rather than they are more likely to choose smaller apartments with an affordable price rate. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the group we have over the years diversified our activities. To arrive the target point, PRAN will face challenges from both national and International competitors.

term paper on pran rfl group

SEL has undertaken projects mainly in Dhaka. The key is testing advertising ideas using a marketing research system proven to provide results that can be compared across countries. In Bangladesh we are blessed with so many natural resources.

The advantage of licensing mode for entering a new market is that it minimizes the direct investments made by the company in a new market. PRAN is the pioneer domestic company of the braverage industry in Bangladesh. Even when consumers know that a product exists and could possibly satisfy some of their desires, it may take a while before they get around to trying the product—especially when there are so many other products that compete for their attention and wallets.


Remember me on this computer. In international arena, there are countless competitors in the world. The growth-share matrix defines four types of SBUs: All marketing decisions are made at headquarters. Middle level management — 8, employees 3. The distribution channel of SEL is very strong. SEL also advertise of their projected apartment using various promotional tools and collect the capital and gradually use them to construct flat.

Each and every company is trying to improve their existing project as market demand as well as like to come up with innovative solution through its product system and approach.

The formation of joint mechanism comprising of the LTTE and the government to disburse funds in the tsunami-affected areas has been held as LTTE wants to monopolize post tsunami reclamation work in the northeast. Effective global advertising techniques do exist. It is the product of the desire of.

term paper on pran rfl group

Differentiation Differentiation is to provide something unique in their market offerings that create a soft corner to its target customer. During the span of the last 15 years SEL has completed and handed over more than apartment and commercial projects in Dhaka, establishing itself as an embodiment of quality, competence and efficiency. PRAN is Bangladesh’s largest grower and processor of fruits and vegetables.

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The licensing strategy is usually used by manufacturing organizations. At the multi-national stage, the company is marketing its gruop and services in many countries around the world and wants to benefit from economies of scale.


However, given their smaller economic size and viability, their ability to attract foreign capital, goods and technology grouup limited. The developed nations are importing the products from China and Vietnam. They are more advantageous position than China and Vietnam. The interesting part lies here. Some of grou important are given below: Our approach is to do responsible marketing and have four clearly defined principles that guide our communications: Promotional activities can be increased by using different promotional tools such as mass media etc.

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Which, then, shall one choose and what shall be the criterions for choice? First of all SEL segmented its market Pdan basis. It is one of the most profita ble companies of Bangladesh. If there is tolerable variance then no action is usually taken. Offering those types of flats depending on or ready flat, especially to their target customer.

term paper on pran rfl group

Generally, companies began exporting, reluctantly, to the occasional foreign customer who sought them out. We encourage contract farmers termm help them grow quality crops with increased yields and to obtain fair prices. For the FOB the duty from our end finishes with the movement of consignment to the preferred port.

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