The syntax found in the essay is composed of short sentences, long sentences, some dialogue, and some lists. By writing, “takes quite awhile” and “it is unbelievable,” Berne expresses the amount of disbelief in the people around her. Berne, I am sure feels the same way. The focus is now directly on the live feed, and if you focus on the clip you can make out the figures of people hanging out of the windows. What was taken away was being given back by the many people filling its empty spaces.

I have many similar memories of times spent driving out in the pasture with my papa and I hold each one close to my heart. In two compilations of clips from news broadcasts and other videos one can see many of the images from that September day. Seeing the firefighters pull out bodies and clean up all the mess really gave onlookers a feeling of despair. How about receiving a customized one? Berne uses tone to show the reader how tragic and shocking the disaster was to people.

Click to learn more https: Figurative language, specifically a simile, can be found in the first sentence of paragraph six; it is used to describe the amount of light she sees. She sees this oddly open expanse of nothing, which after realization, becomes a chilling disappearance of what had been there to fill its place not long ago.

These clips from the compilation videos evoke in me a sense of grief and also shock that such a thing could have happened on American soil.

My papa, always happy to take me out to the pasture, picked me up and we made our suzane out to the truck.


Rhetorical Analysis over “ground Zero” by Suzanne Berne

The sun has been down for a few hours now, but I plan on staying up late. Write an essay describing what you saw in the film clips you watched for your journal entry.

suzanne bernes essay ground zero

The burning information, or exigence, that she must get out is that Ground Zero is vastly different in person than it is in the thoughts of those who have never experienced it. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

Ground Zero by Suzanne Berne Essay Example for Free – Sample words

The final audience is the construction workers at the site. Seeing all this going on would really catch someone’s eye then realizing what was going on.

suzanne bernes essay ground zero

She saw the empty space first hand as a tourist in Manhattan. Ground Zero by Suzanne Berne send By clicking “Send”, you agree eesay our terms of service and privacy policy. The tower goes down as if set off by a demolition crew.

Berne aims to explain that seeing Ground Zero in groumd will have a moving effect on them. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. We will write a custom sample essay on Ground Zero by Suzanne Berne specifically for you.

This site uses cookies. However, the clips, while so graphic that they are difficult to watch, show the reality of what happened on that day.

The site itself is far from full and alive, it is empty, an absence and devoid.

Rhetorical Analysis over “ground Zero” by Suzanne Berne – Essay

Berne also uses an abundance of figurative language to give the reader a better image of what she was seeing. As we rolled deeper into the pasture, I excitedly told papa that I could see the cows. How can you tell? The live feed at first shows the North Tower burning from its upper floors. Make sure each of your perspectives provides different information about the place you are describing.


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They saw the centerfold of the terror and disaster of this event. On live television, many Americans watched as two planes flew into the Twin Towers, killing many instantly and even more in the eventual collapse suzannw the buildings.

By using the simile, “like a construction site,” she basically gives the picture of all the machinery and noise that she later mentions. A construction sight to the eye at first glance, which then unravels its true nature as the viewer remembers, looking back to the short time before the emptiness of this bernex called cathedral in a sea of buildings.

How does Berne react to this contrast?

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