A separate B1 visa is not required. This may be a prerequisite, a personal statement or specific requirements for the Letter of Recommendation. At the end of this long road of school and training, what kind of work do you see yourself doing? The goal of your statement should be to explain why you want to go into emergency medicine and why you think emergency medicine is the right specialty for you. This may be a good theme to weave throughout and hold together your personal statement. Use your experiences to give programs an idea of who you are.

Do not have the letter sent to our office. Spaces in internal medicine sub-specialties, pediatrics, and surgery are extremely limited. If an applicant is missing any of these items or there is an error within them, the applicant will be marked as ineligible and is notified. If you are accepted to a rotation, your school will need to submit an updated transcript showing successful completion of the clerkship s. Do not submit your policy directly to the Risk Management office. It depends on what kind of student you are:

Please email the visiting students office to obtain this information. More on the latter in the future when mine are complete.

Frequently Asked Questions: MD Education: Feinberg School of Medicine: Northwestern University

Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are released to us etatement home schools. As a fourth-year medical student who recently applied to residencies and is anxiously awaiting Match Day, I have some free time on my hands.

This varies for each department. Effective May 1,all visiting students at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine will be graded using our assessment form. If you wish to provide your own health insurance during your rotation at Northwestern, you must submit a copy of your insurance policy in English to the visiting student coordinator no later than four weeks prior to your start date. After my first year of medical school, I was awarded a scholarship to conduct research in the field of trauma surgery, an experience which enhanced my problem solving skills.


Time to Make A Game Plan: VSAS for Med Students

Our official policy is not to sign any type of affiliation agreement with other institutions for visiting student rotations. Talk about why you are choosing emergency medicine. Have ANY spelling or grammatical errors.

personal statement vsas

We will notify you by email regarding the following: Give yourself plenty of time to work on your gsas and revise it based on feedback. Forms will be completed and copies will be returned to your school. News Center Faculty Profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have at least two other people one who knows you well and one who knows the process of applying to EM residency well read your personal statement and give feedback. Masood Mohammed Med Student Mar 1, No rescheduling of electives is permitted. What experiences convince you that this is the right field for you? This email indicates when your home school has released your application to Northwestern for processing.

There are multiple reasons and benefits to doing them:. After completing my twelve weeks on internal medicine, I discovered that four months later this patient was re-admitted for a pulmonary embolus, which combined with her diminished oersonal function, ultimately resulted in her passing away. Time off should always requested in advance and approval is obtained by your supervisor or department. I am also analytical and detail-oriented, characteristics which originally led statejent to complete an undergraduate degree in economics.


Statemnet can be hard to decide if you should do an away rotation. While some may view this as excessive pegsonal unnecessary, I found that it was way easier to keep track of which blocks I needed to fill and what options I had to fill them.

At the end of this long road of school and training, what kind of work do you see yourself doing?

Your immunization form is initially reviewed by personxl visiting students program coordinator to ensure that the four-page form is filled out correctly and that the required labs are attached. Do not have the letter sent to our office. Rotations are very limited. Your application is marked as ineligible until these errors or omissions are corrected.

Information is not provided regarding availability and we do not maintain waiting fsas. The Visiting Student Program cannot assist you with housing.

personal statement vsas

What did you learn about yourself? The visiting student coordinator will then notify the department that you cannot attend.

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