Children who have the disease case. At OLQP we have high expectations of all members of our community and we believe that everyone is entitled to respect and happiness. Our choir students enjoy choir practice to enhance their vocal talents, guided by our wonderful Music Teachers Mrs Grella and Mrs Mahoney. An online training module for use by volunteers is now available. Hope to hear from you soon,. Unimmunised contacts in Primary School K-6 do not need to be excluded. In this Key Learning Area students are provided with opportunities to develop:.

Not excluded from school. Medication should be sent to school in the correct dosage and handed in at the office immediately upon arriving at school. Appropriate consequences lead children to develop self-discipline by taking responsibility for their own actions. His mission to transform schooling for every child and young person is driven by a strong commitment to justice and equity. Children should not be sent outside the classroom or to stand outside the door for misbehaving in class.

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The motto is simple: Parents and Friends Association. The Canteen is open every day and orders can only be made via the QKR! This Act requires any person working in child-related employment involving unsupervised contact with children to complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration. All Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 children are eligible for a free bus pass to travel to and from school each day.

A permission note must be returned for a child to attend an excursion.

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Children who fail to follow instructions or are non-compliant are given a warning. New children will be allocated homdwork sports house early in the school year. The average is 10 days.


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The library serves as a support to the learning processes of the classroom, as well as being an important recreational facility. Any child arriving at school after 8: Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish.

All students from Kindergarten to Year whow receive a written report twice a year. Booster injection of Rubella Vaccine. Education Week and Book Week.

If, for a particular reason, this is deemed necessary, a letter must be sent to the Principal outlining the need. All the best Mark Collinson. Disease Children who have the disease case Unimmunised children who are in contact with the sick child Diphtheria Homewogk until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery.

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The next olq; outlined all the reasons schools eschew evidence based practice. This makes their homework questions engaging and interactive. You might be interested in adding your blog information to the new searchable International Edubloggers Directory at http: Until fully recovered For at least 5 days after the rash appears.

I work for a Christian tertiary institution and I am working on a project right now that will involve us developing some initiatives for not only surviving the dynamics of globalization, but also hopefully developing a more robust and relevant mission while staying true to our underlying fundamental vision.

When parent helpers or teacher assistants are working with children they are to remain in sight of a class teacher Visitors shoq the school are to report to the school office on arrival and wear identification while on the premises. Pastoral Care at OLQP is a deep and genuine concern for all members of the school community based on the Gospel values we share. Tetanus Exclude until fully recovered.


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Would love to get your feedback and see if there is something we can do together? If you could tell me how to find it, I would be grateful. OLQP’s library has a large collection of fiction and non fiction books to suit all reading and interest levels in the school. We strive to live as your children, One homeork love with Jesus our friend.

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If a student chooses not to follow a rule, then there will be a consequence. The levy is collected at the school attended by the eldest student in the family. It made me happy to see interest from Australian teachers. Case Management Meetings Case management meetings provide an opportunity for additional support for students who require further modification of classroom programs.

Greg, congratulations on your Bulletin accolade! I responded gently by saying that perhaps that was 20 mins in the morning better spent doing something with a stronger research base.

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