Unfair competition between Brussels and Charleroi airports. Can the Commission state its opinion on the pasture situation in the described context? Have other studies been conducted on the adaptation difficulties shown — with a consequent change in size — by various species in response to climate change? This particular promotional slogan is aimed at younger consumers, since it appears to equate to a cup of espresso coffee that has been watered down and sweetened with sugar, which millions of university students drink during their exam periods. No obstante, es importante distinguir entre impuestos y tasas, que son dos instrumentos distintos. Urban policy, land-use and property issues fall within the competence of Member States.

Is the Commission aware of the Sodastream affair in France and the complaints lodged by French consumers for fraud concerning the place of origin of this product? The report was not forwarded to the Commission. Even in Croatia a project manager with an equivalent qualification would receive more than three times the amount that a Bulgarian citizen would receive for the same work: What measures will the Commission take to urge the Bulgarian authorities to use the Jessica funds in accordance with the principles of this programme? The Programme pursues four general objectives: Programs to make presentations quality assurance nurse resume samples resume format for 1 year experienced mechanical engineer essay on adventure pay for someone to write your dissertation. However, the processing of sensitive data can be permitted in specific cases, inter alia , for reasons of substantial public interest laid down by law or by a decision of the supervisory authority subject to suitable safeguards being provided.

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Pollution of seas and oceans by chemical weapons. We welcome the recourse to self-reporting statistics mentioned in the text of the proposal for a directive on the allegaro and confiscation of the proceeds of crime in the European Union COM Yellowstone case study decision making in d essay yellowstone case study.

The Commission agrees with the Honourable Member on the importance of trade in services in EU’s external trade policy. Accumulated individual experience of this kind could provide a point of departure for extending the scheme on a regional or cross-border basis.


In the Kenyan government reached an agreement with the Dutch government on the import of potato seedlings. In questo studio, i risultati relativi a pazienti trattati con apixaban erano messi a confronto con quelli di pazienti che assumevano aspirina.

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In MFE, the Joint European Torus JET already demonstrated fusion energy in the s, with a power output only slightly lower than the power injected to trigger the reaction. The Commission is promoting robust and targeted control in EU ports. Why does the President not put forward similar statements in the context of the Winter Olympics in Allegto

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Every year nearly 1. The Commission has called Member States on various occasions to switch taxes from labour to other sources, such as recurring taxation of property, also reflected in Country Specific Recommendations.

If not, does the Commission not consider there to be any risks of social dumping, in disregard of high European employment standards? Per quanto concerne i contaminanti, il regolamento CEE n.

Communication and dissemination of information to the public at large: When will the Commission launch the strategic initiative for the pharmaceutical sector, and what are its core aspects?

Utilising the guarantee fund in Greece with a view to reinforcing the probblem sector. The government has announced that hundreds more will be checked in the next few weeks.

It was recently announced that Norwegian Air International intended to offer flights between Western Europe and the United States under an Irish licence.

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These regulations co-exist with a multi-stakeholder approach to Internet governance where decisions are taken on the basis ri democratic principles of transparency, accountability, and inclusiveness of all relevant stakeholders. The EU is following the situation in the North Caucasus very closely, and is aware of the attacks to which the Honourable Member refers.

Heeft de Commissie reeds uit andere landen berichten ontvangen waarin de praktijken van deze website worden aangeklaagd? Whether she considers that further steps should be taken in order to protect human rights and to uphold the Cotonou Agreement, considering that failure to respect human rights by one of the ACP countries can lead to the suspension of EU trade agreements and cuts in aid programmes?


Wonders of medical science essay.

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Will there be further clarifications in this regard? A,legato prossimo settennio la Commissione stima che While the international community rightly expressed outrage at the massacres in Sabra and Chatila, it has never prosecuted Israel for acts of genocide related to these tragic events.

In particolare, tali dispositivi sono in grado di acquisire e trasferire a terze parti informazioni sulla salute o possono consentire il controllo dei comportamenti delle persone. Problek Commission proposed, as one of the 10 strategic priorities in this field, a future recasting of the existing legal framework soving order to improve its clarity and coherence. Le politiche per le aree urbane, l’assetto del territorio e le questioni immobiliari sono di competenza degli Stati membri. Il progetto prevede nello specifico il recupero dei vecchi sentieri di collegamento che uniscono la parte alta e bassa dei paesi della zona, in modo da creare un’infrastruttura stradale alternativa da utilizzare quando ddi abituale sia intasata o bloccata a causa del maltempo.

This state of affairs constitutes a blatant act of discrimination against citizens and organisations that do not know the English language.

Per questo motivo, i servizi costituiscono una componente importante della politica commerciale bilaterale e multilaterale dell’UE. The City of Matera has not so far applied for any funding directly managed by the Commission.

What proportion of funding is the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers intending to set aside for activities connected with raising perinatal care standards in the European Union as part of the Health for Growth programme?

Finally, the Commission would like to remind the Honourable Members that Member States are responsible for enforcing food law, monitoring and verifying that the relevant requirements of food law are fulfilled by food business operators.

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