There is no need for original signatures on applications or other documents submitted electronically using the Research Portal. It is your responsibility to ensure that the application is complete and accurate, and is submitted in advance of the deadline. The program description has information concerning application deadlines. Applicants may accept only one CGS M offer. Spell out scientific symbols and acronyms.

If this date falls on a weekend, then offers must be made by the following business day before Offers of awards must be accepted or declined using the Research Portal within 21 days of the date of the award offer. An eligible graduate program must have a significant research component. It may also be used to determine the most appropriate funding jurisdiction, or to monitor overlap in federal support. During peak periods November to January , response time may be delayed. Criteria Description Weight Academic excellence As demonstrated by past academic results, transcripts, awards and distinctions. Select the Field s of Study that most closely correspond s to your proposed research.

Awards must be held at the institution where the offer of award originates.

nserc cgsm research proposal

Indicators of research potential: Institutions must respect the agency-specific allocation. Criteria Description Weight Academic excellence As demonstrated by past academic results, transcripts, awards and distinctions. You should communicate with the agency whose mandate corresponds to your field of research. Certain restrictions may apply. Provide a detailed description of your proposed research project for the period during which you will hold the award.

Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies or its equivalent at the institution s selected in your application to determine their requirements.

Institutions must have mechanisms in place to review both English and French applications.


NSERC – Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program

After logging in to the Research Portalclick on Create Applications to gain access to the funding opportunities programs available. Presentation standards for transcripts. The merit review of CGS M applications will be carried out by institutions with an allocation and will be based on the following evaluation criteria:.

Indicators of personal characteristics and interpersonal skills: Spell out scientific symbols and acronyms. This change in status may only be reversed with the endorsement of the host institution and only if they have an allocation remaining. Accurate department selection is very important. ET of the following calendar year.

nserc cgsm research proposal

The agencies aim to respond to inquiries within 48 hours. All personal information collected as part of this program is used by the agencies and by the relevant officials in the eligible research institutions to review applications and to administer and monitor awards.

Before you submit your application, you must read and agree nserd the Terms and Conditions of Applying that appear in a pop-up window during the submission process.

These citations should be in a format used by the primary discipline of the proposed research. Once the offer has been accepted, the system will automatically set all other offers and Alternate statuses to Declinedand applicants will not be eligible to receive further offers. Should some offers be declined, institutions may make subsequent offers until they have no awards remaining.

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Up-to-date official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies should be included in the application. This support allows these scholars to fully concentrate on their studies in their chosen fields. Eligible Canadian institutions are assigned a separate allocation of awards to offer from each agency.


These must be completed by persons capable of making an informed assessment and cannot be completed by a proposed supervisor unless that person is, or has been, your supervisor.

Each Field of Research is associated with a list of fields of study, a list of nwerc of research, and a list of institutions to which the application may be submitted.

The Research Portal will instruct applicants to select up to three institutions where they intend to hold the award. Ensure that all citations are clear and complete to allow reviewers to easily locate the sources.

To create or access an application, select Research Portal. Outline the objectives of your research, the context, methodology, and contribution to the advancement of knowledge. The program description has information concerning application deadlines. However, in preparing to meet these deadlines, the following points may affect timing of applications and should be taken into account:. Once you select a Field of Research in the application form, the proposed institution s available to you will be those with a CGS M allocation in your chosen Field of Research.

Typing does not count as an activity; you must remember to Save and Validate frequently; otherwise, the information you have entered will be lost. You may change your research direction or activities during the course of the award.

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