The Call to Adventure. The event is the call to adventure and her father was too crippled. She only gives the father the two rewards. Mulan fears that they will find out that she is a girl, it is represented to her when Mushu tells her that if they were to find out she will be killed. The Crossing of the First ThresholdThis stage will be about the threshold Mulan is going to cross and the worlds being left and entered. How About Make It Original? This causes a sense of urgency as Mulan races back home to warn Shang about the plan.

Ethnic groups in the Middle East. The known world and the normal world are being left. The troop prepares to inevitably fight the Huns in honor of the Empire. She wants to make her dad proud she cannot do this if she dies. Mulan is an example of a monomyth because it contains a Departure, Initiation, and a Return, archetypes, and the universal theme of growing up.

At this point, Mulan does not know what to do because by being herself, she disappoints her family.

Mulan Hero Cycle Essay

Mushu enters essag stage of apotheosis, just like most heroes do when following the hero cycle. The experience that marks Mulan as ready is the preparation or training for the war. The assistant that helped her was Mushu.

mulan heros journey essay

Atonement with the FatherThis step is about her being initiated by whatever holds the ultimate power. If it were not for him being hurt of called to adventure Mulan would not be leaving.


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The other was the sword Shang Yu. Mulan follows the hero myth because she is living in the moment, neither dwelling on the past nor concerned about the future.

Mushu returns as a guide again. Mulan is guarding the threshold. Lazar 7 Works Cited Campbell, Joseph. Mulan is a movie that blatantly challenges gender roles in a patriarchal society, essaay not portraying Mulan as the stereotypical woman but an autonomous woman who wants more from life than.

Mushu is the “Friendly Beast. Her family tries to marry her off, but when she goes to see the matchmaker, it ends up a disaster, causing dishonor to her family. Eventually, Mulan leaves her family and esssay right before the military base to practice pulling off the look of a man. Ethnic groups in Ethiopia. She is a changed person.

He and the Huns are coming for the Emperor in order to rule China and, according to Shan Yu, “not even China’s greatest troops will be able to stop them.

Mulan experiences going to war which is beyond good and evil, male and female, and life and death. Mulan does not face a challenge because she does not integrate the experience with her life. Mulan follows each of the steps closely. She wants to make her dad proud she cannot do this if she dies. The modern day hero does not need physical strength or have super human powers, nor do they need to be of royal decent or obtain a high-flying place in the government.


She did not have a chance because soon after they were on their way to fight The Huns.

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Mulan follows the hero myth because she successfully saves the Emperor from Shan-Yu and in return the Emperor presents the sword of Shan-Yu and the crest of the Emperor as gifts to honor the Fa family. Shan-Yu is the leader of the Huns.

mulan heros journey essay

The war is to become a past world since it is over and won. Mushu believes then that be has failed himself and the Fa family once again because the soldiers now know that Mulan is a female. Fa Zhou accepted the call even though he was injured. This song and training montage is the literal definition of this step of the journey. Mulan Hero Cycle Essay words – 4 pages. Refusal of the Call. It was great revisiting an old topic I learned and analyzing one of my favorite Disney movies!

Hero’s Journey "Mulan"

Gongs brought strength and good luck to those who touched them, which is certainly what Mushu did. The Call to Adventure. This obstacle was returning home with nothing to prove what she did. One was the crest of the emperor.

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