Sections to look at include: Provides some primary source material to give insight into how the Japanese and Allied forces viewed the war and treatment of prisoners. An important part of their income is now generated by tourism. Port Moresby, Papua, 24 July The lady on the left is Maiogura, a mission trained nurse, who helped save the life of Leading Aircraftman J. Kokoda today on video Where does the track start and finish? The prisoner is holding a Japanese flag covered in signatures.

Sanananda, Papua, January It is then quite true to say that Australian soil was invaded by Japan in In a special ward of the hospital Australian nurses and doctors attended to Japanese wounded from those same battlefields. Of the Japanese garrison of Buna only 9 were taken alive. Milne Bay, Papua, 12 February

After the successful Japanese invasion of Rabaul, New Britain, on 23 January elements of the Australian garrison escaped along the north and south coasts of the island. Stories of indigenous service men and women.

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Article with photographs and links. Many of the wounded and dying from the Kokoda campaign and the battles at Buna, Kokida and Sanananda between July and January were treated in this hospital. Silk took many of the photographs which featured Australians and Japanese in battle between Kokoda Village and the battlefields of the north Papuan coast at Buna, Gona and Sanananda between November and January Cape Endaiadere, Buna, Papua, no date, but probably during the first few days of January November The Battle of the Beachheads: Overview with links RSL: Sanananda Track, Papua, January Good General Sites Australia’s War: When tourists first arrived they found these people leading a wholly subsistence life, raising animals and growing produce.


kokoda track campaign essay

The campaign began when the Japanese landed in Papua inJuly, stretching along the Kokoda Trail, and culminating in their frustration at Oivi-Gorari in November. Papua was an Australian territory at the time, and the Japanese aimed at making their way through the Kokoda track and esway Port Moresby, located on the south coast.

They are in a forward position less than 30 yards from enemy positions and the photographer who took this picture could hear the Japanese soldiers talking. However, it soon became apparent that the Japanese were ignorant of the camapign of the war, and had greatly underestimated the amount of resources and supplies they would need.

The Kokoda Campaign

This link is the synopsis summary of this section of the site. The Australian interest in the Kokoda track is also an important thing for those who live there.

It was the closest that nurses of the Australian Army Nursing Service got to the Papuan battlefields.

kokoda track campaign essay

We have a fantastic book called Stalingrad: The prisoner is holding a Japanese flag covered in signatures. Beheaded at whim and worked to death: Overview of Australian Military Forces involvement in the war. In the Australian Territories of Papua and New Guinea were, in law if not in public sentiment, as much a part of Australia as the Northern Territory. The ship was hit and disabled by 24 shells. A survivor’s story with photographs and links.


Article with photographs and maps.

He had just spent eight days lying wounded only yards from Japanese positions at Gona from which he managed finally to crawl undetected to safety. There is a lot of myth and embellishment surrounding most historical accounts of the Kokoda campaign, which is also referred to as the Kokoda Trail Campaign.

While it is true that Kokoda shaped the course esasy history, it was not the sole factor in guaranteeing victory for the Australians.

Of these were killed. They advanced no further. Homepage Narrative paper Avoiding mistakes Campagn a safe writing service Who wants to write my essay Reputable essay writing services Persuasive essay topics to avoid analytical expository essay ideas Ideas for 5-paragraph essay Topics for an argumentative essay Creating a college essay Creating a 5-paragraph essay outline Searching for a custom writing service Strong essay introduction Picking up a strong essay topic Essy help for cwmpaign These men escaped along the coast after the Japanese invasion of Rabaul, New Britain, on 24 January and were evacuated from Palmalal on the south coast two and a half months later.

The Japanese advanced along the north shore of the bay to the outskirts of No.

kokoda track campaign essay

Sanananda, Papua, January December The Battle of the Beachheads:

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