Physical abuse might be the most visible type of abuse but other types of abuse such as emotional abuse, neglect, exploitation also leave deep, lasting scars on the mind of the child. Winning three years in a row really speaks volumes about the interest of the little ones into this beautiful activity. Jodhamal Public School an imperial learning institute leaves no stone unturned in adding new wings to the students by exposing them to new challenges of experiential learning. Nandan Kuthiala, Trustee, Ms. The F1in school showcase was the pit booths which was live demonstration by students and a chance for visitors to see such a wonderful display that how the F1in School India are designed,manufactured miniature cars and tested. Schools, affected by cross border shelling.

Principal said that Quizzing develops the reasoning and logical thinking skills among the children and at Jodhamal Quizzing and MUN are the buzz words and are the way of life at Jodhamal together with the communication skills which are honed up at all stages here at Jodhamal. Principal JodhamalTrilok Singh Bist appreciated the efforts put by Sanjay Pandey the Quiz Master and felicitated the winners and participants in a special assembly today. Chandra Prakash Ganga also graced the occasion as a very special Guest and addressed the gathering and appreciated Jodhamal for instilling the values among the tiny little kids and said that if all schools imbinbe the values of loving and caring for the grandparents there will be no old age homes in the future. Set, receive and mark projects, courses, cover and lessons. Her curriculum is in English language,conversation,reading,recitation and acting besides spoken English and Creative writing who came all the way from Gurgaon to meet the expectations of the parents.

jodhamal public school homework

He also gave 24 – hour child helpline number Join Pubilc to connect with Krishna Teja Reddy and others you may know.

The overall coordination was done by RashiMagotra the senior coordinator of Jodhamal.

The Jodhamal Public School has been built on the sound edifice of traditional wisdom and futuristic thought. The Principal Mr Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the students for availing this opportunity to the best of their potential and also ensured that many more such opportunities shall be put forth by the school which shall enable students and their mentors in becoming knowledgeable and competitive responsible students.


Giving our students the world.

jodhamal public school homework

Two more teams from Jodhamal School qualified for the stage round making it a total of four out of eight teams on the stage for the final round.

This three day long, multi-faceted Jammu Literary Festival has several stimulating components designed to give parents and the students an enriching experience, with a great blend of literature, culture, art and heritage. Univariety is a Singapore based Online Career Guidance Portal which is going to help Jodhamal students bountifully scbool make a better choice in life. Customise the extent to which you wish to keep parents updated with the amount of detail shown in the real-time reports.

The costume and make-up departments outdid themselves for the Halloween Dance and the Scottish Dance. Scyool also helps in supporting the students in getting hmoework key dates, application support, scholarships and outplacement Analysis. The students got the golden oppourtunity to be a part of the different workshops which were a great source of learning for them.

Jodhamal School Jammu

On a request from parents, a session scgool planned to meet the queries regarding the Trinity College London Examination to be held in the school in the month of October.

Being patient, good listeners and not ignoring any behavioural or sudden academic joehamal can be of great help for children and for identifying and protecting a child from abuse. The earlier, abused children get help, the greater chance they have to heal and break the cycle.

Univariety guides the students in Research i. Principal thanked NandanKuthiala the Trustee of the school for being a support in all his endeavours to give the students the benefits which are at par with the best schools of the country. After this the counsellors from Univariety help the students in bringing clarity to their selections via webinars, career workshops.

jodhamal public school homework

Bush,GeorgeBush and Barack H. All Grand parents were highly satisfied and were happy to see Jodhamal imparting values amongst Gen Next with a fun filled plethora of activities. These Workshops provided the students to explore various aspects of design thinking and also to interact with more than participants from across the country.


Total students were the part of the quiz composing teams. Arati Kuthiala the Director of the school appreciated the efforts of all concerned and thanked the parents and grandparents for making it so successful by their graceful presence.

Jodhamal Public School

David Wygant The Fearless Code. Shefali Sanwal, Vice Principal gave away the Prizes to the winners of all categories. Hanif Qureshi, Commissioner of Faridabad was present as the Chief Guest, and during the event he also appreciated the efforts pubic the children about students from over 50 schools competed during the national finals of F1 Schools India, organised by Time of Sports.

Krishna Teja Reddy is on Facebook. The JMPians made them sway and enter their world of fun and frolicthus making the Grand Parents day a huge success. View a child’s hpmework by various views from weekly, monthly through a summary feature of view detailed information on specific events.

jodhamal public school homework

Winning three years in a row really speaks volumes about the interest of the little ones into this beautiful activity. The Chief Guest, Mr. The Trustee, Mr Nandan Kuthiala and the Principal, Mr Trilok Singh Bist applauded lublic efforts put by the students and their teachers for guiding them in a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time.

Shefali Sanwal, Vice Principal. Kathak Dance and the South Indian Dance highlighted the ethical and cultural values embedded in our social system. VijyaPuri in her key note address inspired all present to do the best efforts and leave rest hlmework God.

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