Up to twenty internships in the Federal Republic of Germany working in high level executive government and commerce positions. March – for Westwood Village Rotary Club. This page lists fellowships, grants, and other funding opportunities supporting research and study available to Scholars of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. At least 40 scholarships for two years of study leading to the award of a British university degree. The Humanity in Action Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship “aims to increase understanding of complex diplomatic issues, including diversity, and to promote the inclusion of those of minority backgrounds in international fields for the advancement of human rights and international understanding.

Applicants with significant extracurricular activities and high GPA are preferred. The students graduate advisor is required to write a brief narrative report on their progress each semester. At time of application, must have completed all degree requirements except the dissertation. Scholarships of approximately plus fees, partial living expenses, and travel subsidy. Open to postdoctoral scholars and graduate students doing dissertation-related study or research. Approval of service outside of a priority agency is contingent upon satisfactory demonstration of a full and good faith effort in accordance with conditions established by NSEP. Focus of program is the development of expertise in the United States needed for broad knowledge and analysis of ongoing developments in this critical world area.

Josef Korbel School Ph.D. Program

Dissertahion must demonstrate cross-disciplinary interest. About five month fellowships are offered to provide advanced graduates with an opportunity for study and research in Germany.

Must hold a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and leadership. Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships support research related to education in the U. German fluency required at start of program.

For study of French language or literature awarded even numbered years ; or Greek language, literature, history, and archaeology awarded odd numbered years. Applicants must be unmarried, under 24 years of age, and able to complete the bachelor’s degree before entering Oxford.


irex dissertation fellowship

The EU Center site: Fellowship recipients must be engaged dissetation full-time study for the duration of their awards and must submit reports on the courses they pursue and the progress they make. Applicant must be nominated by UCLA.

Funding Opportunities

Predoctoral Fellowships are available for doctoral candidates to conduct dissertation research. The Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna offers several fellowships for junior and senior scholars: Grants are made to area studies centers, which in turn make the irsx to the students.

Limited to study of economics, history, political science and sociology.

irex dissertation fellowship

The ACLS Public Fellows program places “recent PhDs who aspire to careers in administration, management, and public service fellowshlp choice rather than circumstance” in staff positions at government and nonprofit organizations. If an award recipient demonstrates to NSEP that no appropriate position is available in one of these agencies after making a full and good faith effort in accordance with conditions established by NSEP, the award recipient must seek a position with national security responsibilities in any federal department or agency.

Open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students enrolled full-time. Fellowship enables the outstanding scholar to pursue dissertation research abroad, participate at the Council for European Studies International Conference, and publish research reports in the Council’s journal. National Scholarships at all levels http: Grants are for 3 to 7 months.

Other Funding Opportunities for Current Graduate Students

Check with IREX for deadlines. Research Grants are awarded primarily to highly qualified PhD candidates and post-doc researchers for research or a course of study and training at universities or other institutes in Germany.


Applicants should be in the process of preparing their dissertation proposals, and there should be a gap of at least one semester or two quarters between the completion of their pre-dissertation fellowship and the beginning of their field work abroad. National Science Foundation Grants for Improving Doctoral Dissertation Research fund expenses of dissertation research not normally funded by the student’s university, e.

Gateway to 10 Free Scholarship Searches http: The expected outcome is the development of a dissertation proposal or the completion of a specific research topic.

Institute of International Education, U. Summer fellowships are available for intensive foreign language study. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, U.

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Kennan Fellowship “seeks applicants from diverse, policy-oriented sectors such as media, business, local government, law, civil society, and academia to examine important political, social, economic, cultural, and historical issues in Russia, Ukraine, and the region. Doctoral candidates who have completed all PhD requirements with the exception of the dissertation, and established postdoctoral scholars. Open to doctoral students and recent postdoctoral scholars affiliated with an accredited American institution of higher education.

Applicants must expect to complete the dissertation during the academic year, but no later than fall Various programs and awards offered through the European Commission Delegation to the Dissetration States for original research, travel and dissertation work.

Deadline in International Programs and Studies: Although CEES does not adminster the following funding opportunities, we post them on our website to assist graduate students interested in European and Eurasian Studies.

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