Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish. Nominations should include the students complete application filetranscripts, GRE scores, statement of purpose, letters of referenceand a letter of nomination from the department. Approximately awards are available for advanced research in Europe, Eurasia, or Cross-Regional countries for periods up to 9 months. Box Charlottesville, VA torg virginia. ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowships “offer small teams of two or more scholars the opportunity to collaborate intensively on a single, substantive project.

Schwarzman Building – including academics, independent scholars, and creative writers novelists, playwrights, poets. Fellows can pursue the study of languages, cultures, and regions of the world outside of Western Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Research Grants are awarded primarily to highly qualified PhD candidates and post-doc researchers for research or a course of study and training at universities or other institutes in Germany. The students graduate advisor is required to write a brief narrative report on their progress each semester. Awards are not open to full-time students. Must have some language competence and confirmed evidence of local affiliation.

Organization of American States PRA Fellowships are for a maximum of two years of graduate study or research in any field except medicine and introductory dissertatin study.

irex dissertation fellowship

Boren Graduate Fellowships encourage U. Senior Fellowships are available for scholars more than seven years beyond the Ph. Must be postdoctoral scholar or working on doctoral dissertation.

irex dissertation fellowship

Must be nominated by a department advisor. Two fellowships in New York or one six-month or two three-month graduate fellowships are available for research in Germany for doctoral dissertation or postdoctoral research on the social, communal, or intellectual history of German-speaking Jewry.


A command of the language of the host country sufficient for research is required. The NSEP service requirement stipulates that an award recipient work in the federal government in a position with national security responsibilities.

Funding Opportunities

Programs of study may be done domestically U. Check with IREX for deadlines. Full details concerning the program and how to apply can be found in the announcement of the annual competition for memberships. Disciplines limited social sciences, education and information, management, public affairs, public health and law.

Fifteen 6 month 2 year fellowships for advanced research and creative work in Rome in the fine arts and humanities. Deadline in the Fellowship Office for all other fields: Awards are for dissertation or postdoctoral research only. Additional funding sources for international students.

Other Funding Opportunities for Current Graduate Students

Open to doctoral students and recent postdoctoral scholars affiliated with an accredited American institution of higher education. Grants are made to area studies centers, which in turn make the grants to the students. Nominations should be submitted by the sponsoring department or professional school.

Must be a currently enrolled graduate disseertation at a UC campus and be nominated by a sponsoring department or professional school.

Funding Opportunities | ASEEES

Must be a U. Open to the following fields: For more information on travel to all other countries, contact: Award covers university fees, cost of living expenses, annual book grant, thesis grant, research and daily travel grants, fares to and from the United States.


Guidelines, eligibility and application information are listed on their website. Fellowships for graduate students http: Although CEES does not adminster the following funding opportunities, we post them on our website to assist graduate students interested in European and Eurasian Studies. Summer fellowships are available for intensive foreign language study. It includes information about fellowships and applications.

Nominations should include the students complete application filetranscripts, GRE scores, statement of purpose, letters of referenceand a letter of nomination from the department.

These programs are specifically intended for students who have not yet completed their PhDs, most often to support dissertation research. Postdoctoral Fellowships are available for scholars up to seven years beyond the Ph.

Must have completed 3 semesters of college-level German at the time of application and be between 18 and 32 years of age.

Monbukagakusho Research Scholarships provide support for 18 to 24 months of study or research in Japan, including six months of language study, if warranted. Directed towards European or Eurasian Studies no travel or language.

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