Something about…spyware, internet, social media, short anecdote, etc. An explanation of how the author develops and supports the thesis, usually in chronological order. Summarize the debate in 5 sentences. Which brings me to the question, does spy ware fully eradicate all “dangerous” possibilities to begin with? Read while going through checklist 6th read: Begin with a transition word that shows contrast, ex:

Read while going through outline 5th read: Incorporate rhetorical strategies to strengthen your argument. By annotating your article in the margin. What would you have changed about this unit or how would you improve this unit if we had to do it over again? You must address the counterclaim, but then explain in your rebuttal why your side of the argument is still the best. Begin with a transition word that shows contrast, ex: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

He develops his claim by first acknowledging that spyware has a negative connotation, then by listing rebuttals against spyware and giving his own, and finally concedes that spyware can be an invasion of privacy; therefore, a discussion about internet dangers might be sufficient. Coben acknowledges the fact that teenagers will find other ways to communicate once they learn that parents are watching.

harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

Teens should always be monitored electronically, somehow, cobend. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Accessed May 22, Although I do not agree with Coben’s arguments, and some of the questionable examples, the topic of his essay is, nonetheless, a topic that should be kept in mind, and one worth taking into consideration. In Harlen Coben’s The Undercover ParentCoben argues in favor of spyware being applied undercovver the computers of children.


Incidents such as these are far from rare among teenagers. Once a child turns a certain age, their actions are no longer the responsibility of the parent.

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Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site. Introduce the main idea ghe the paragraph 2 CD: By annotating your article in the margin.

Edwin Mendoza: Response essay to “The Undercover Parent”

Does the author seem knowledgeable about relationships between parents and their teen s? Summarize the debate in 5 sentences. The events which led up to the writing of this piece include A: The author believes that children should know that their parents may spy on them by using computer software.

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harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

Together try and define privacy. Begin with a hwrlan word that shows contrast, ex: The writer or speaker presents him or herself to the reader as credible, trustworthy, honest, and ethical. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

ComputerHarlan Coben. The phrase “dangerous chatter” has not been made clear and this phrase can be widely interpreted. Teens have a right to privacy.

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Arguments in Action– The Undercover Parent

Therefore, would snubbing be just coobens dangerous as cyber bullying? Cyber-bullying takes place on social networking sites i. Both attacks the confidence of the victim. We will write a custom sample essay on The undercover parent specifically for you.

Only include URL if the source cannot be found easily n. Invasion of Privacy CLE:

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