I quit my job last year to start my own business, DestX. During freshman year, students are advised to purchase their professional dress or suit and become voracious readers of the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. From George Washington University: Application Deadlines Round 1: Differences between the domestic and international environments and their implications for management.

In addition, the specific career-related needs of incoming students are considered and used to develop career-related programming throughout the program. Our professional development portfolio to create an integrated experience that extends beyond the classroom with a suite of unique opportunities tailored to enhance your online MBA experience. He used to be reluctant to publicize that his business partner was also his husband. The second one — a plan for a software product for car dealerships – we won. As one knowing M. We participated in a couple of business plan competitions at GWSB.

The second one — a plan for a software product for car dealerships – we won. It’s free to sign up and for a limited period you can download our Complete Guide to Business School Applications.

Gws Community provides its Online MBA students with the best possible graduate business education. GW is located just a few blocks away from global institutions like the World Bank and IMF, as well as thousands of global businesses and non-profits.

Through collaborative and experiential learning, students acquire traditional business skills and mesh them with an ethical focus. Students will choose up to 18 credits of elective courses from the following knowledge domains: The resources that propelled me to become an entrepreneur, and have some success in launching and growing a business, all came from my MBA.

The George Washington University School of Business

Please fill in the email field This email has already been used for a Businessbecause account. Generally students will take two classes per module for a total of four per semester.


The income competifion, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.

gwsb business plan competition

On average, GWSB graduate students enter the program with 5 years of work experience in many diverse professional backgrounds such as multinational corporations, busjness organizations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and the military. If you have more questions or would like additional information, call us at or complete the Request for Information form on this page.

Meet The MBA Grad Leading America’s LGBT Business Community

Sections of this page. Through that process we launched the services of Social Driver. Who will you sell it to?

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Ranging from Argentina, Turkey, and Denmark to China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, students are able to explore the political, economic, social, and cultural lives in other countries. This proximity allows for a level of involvement and activity, and students gain access and experiences that simply cannot be matched.

Buwiness exercises and participation in team projects.

The George Washington University School of Business

During the lively panel presentation, competution three business leaders discussed the special challenges still confronting women in the business arena and how they successfully overcame them.

Quinn believes that if he had gotten this type of guidance early on, he could have avoided a lot of pitfalls that took place in his own wireless startup in Latin America. A recent alumnus of the school, however, mentioned that he was told he could not be part of the study-abroad program.

gwsb business plan competition

By getting involved, alumni are able to mentor students, foster innovative solutions, and as an added bonus, reignite their own inspired thinking. These sessions are offered in evenings and weekend time bands, announced by the instructor at the beginning of each course, and all virtual classroom sessions are recorded and made available to students.


Under the leadership of faculty, a team of students will also be traveling to South Korea to go behind-the-scenes at businness Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang for two weeks. Businesses are experiencing increasing challenges and opportunities to ensure that they demonstrate integrity in all of their activities, both internal and external to their operations. Concepts and techniques related to manufacturing and service operations.

Cutting-edge, multi-media courses are organized into learning units and are comprised of videos, video cases, podcasts, animations, and other pre-recorded content in addition to traditional reading assignments. The theory and practice of managing organizations in the context of a rapidly changing global environment.

GW Business Plan Competition | School of Business

What to read next: October 17th, Round 3: Submit your updates to our Class Notes section for inclusion online and in the monthly Advocate newsletter: We both were doing individual freelance work and we decided to join forces and create a company together.

Students begin with two levels of business fundamental courses designed to provide mastery of essential business knowledge and skills.

gwsb business plan competition

Vivek Choudhury, interim dean of the school of business, said to the school community earlier this year.

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