Before the plane comes into the frame, the news anchors are focused not on the live feed of the towers but on recounting what happened to the first tower and trying to figure out the cause of the crash. Berne, I am sure feels the same way. The space is filling back up, and hope exists in the vicinity. The secondary audience is those who have never personally experienced the sight of Ground Zero. You are commenting using your WordPress.

With a hour delay you will have to wait for 24 hours due to heavy workload and high demand – for free. This is the feeling the speaker gets when she sees the World Trade Center site for the first time after the attacks on ground zero. Newer Post Older Post Home. She realizes what she is viewing for what it actually is. Journal Entry Go to the website wtc. This tells the reader that other tours come in to New York like Berne did for the first time to observe and experience Ground Zero site and what it was like for many of these families. He told me that the we should let the calf sleep because it was getting tired.

Tale of Nino Brown. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The actual experience of seeing the site is different because it is post-trauma, after the event happened. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Rhetorical Analysis 8 August When Berne sees a clip of the Twin Towers falling today it must remind her of the emotions she felt as it happened live.


Write griund description of a place from several different vantage points, as Berne does. The primary audience that Berne is trying to appeal to is tourists who are just seeing Ground Zero for the first time.

Instead of just reading about some tourist, you were put into grouns shoes of actually being there and feeling the pain that people suffered through the event that took place in ground zero. They saw the centerfold of the terror and disaster of this event.

ground zero essay suzanne berne

I noticed this piece of writing covered all of the five senses, which again helped the reader feel a connection to everything that was happening. This type of situation is hard for many people to see and go through.

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People from California ,Ohio, and Maine. The diction that Suzanne Berne uses is mature and descriptive, but it could be read by eighth grade readers and up.

ground zero essay suzanne berne

On one particular evening, I remember that I wanted to go see a new calf that had been born recently. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But to the out-of-towner, ground zero looks at first like a construction site. Accessed May 22, She saw the empty space first hand as a tourist in Manhattan. This quote demonstarates how she describes other nationalities that were just like her coming to visit and give recognition to all the innocent lives that were lost. As many recall, the people of New York were raged with frustration and were not able to do anything for the lives that they lost.


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ground zero essay suzanne berne

Berne is far from sarcastic, she had a beautiful inner realization of what really was taking place and knew how true what she saw was.

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Ground Zero by Suzanne Berne Essay

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The most obvious examples are found in paragraph nine with her description of the cemetery. As I drive home, I marvel at how such a dark home can light up my night. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Week 2/ Post 5: Chapter 7 – Ground Zero PT 1

Another example is, zeto Berne visits for the first time in new york to give her respect to all of the members that were lost in New Yorks World Trade Center. To describe her visit of Ground Zero and to document personal reactions, feelings, and realizations. A Rhetorical Reader and Guide.

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