The Kakatiyas by their support of art and their integrative polity improved agriculture, commerce and trade in the interior and construction of temples in Telangana, Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra. The epigraphs of the Kakatiyas refer to them as the lords of Kakatipura. In , Prataparudra formed a part of the sultanate forces that attacked the Pandyan empire in the south, and he took advantage of that situation to quell some of his vassals in Nellore who had seen his reduced status as an opportunity for independence. They built water tanks and digging many wells for cultivation. Assummed the title of ‘Rayagajekesari’. Eaton , p. Prolaraja I 1.

Although the Hindu mythological texts do not mention any such form of Durga, the worship of a goddess named Kakati is attested by several other sources. The growth of an agricultural peasant class subsumed many tribal people who previously had been nomadic. According to tradition, Prola II was initiated into Shaivism by the Kalamukha preceptor Rameshvara Pandita and established Shaivism as his family’s religion. Jagran Prakashan Ltd Heavy taxation by the state appears to be the feature of Kakatiya polity.

The city buildings and palaces seated within the stone wall of the fort, as a result of the soldiers carefully look after them. Inscriptions are still being discovered today but governmental agencies tend to concentrate on recording those that are already known rather than searching for new examples. Rudradeva, the first independent ruler constructed the Thousand-pillared temple at Hanumankonda and laid the foundation for a new capital at Warangal along with a temple to the tutelary deity of Svayambhudeva.

Kakatiya Dynasty|List of Kakatiya Rulers and their contributions

Ganapatideva had two daughters; Rudrama and Ganapamba. Chronology of the Telugu peopleAndhra Pradeshand Telangana history. Muslim rulers were no longer conceived as diametrically opposed to the figure of Prataparudra, but rather as rulers of equal status.


Kakatiga was the emergence of the Kakatiya dynasty in its own right. After the decline of the Chalukya power in the 12th century, they assumed sovereignty by suppressing other Chalukya subordinates in the Telangana region.

Heritage of India: Kakatiya Dynasty Art and Architectural Heritage

In early days Kakatiyas were the warriors and Samanthas of Rastrakuta and Chalukya kings who ruled in Karnataka. His name is mention on the famous inscriptiuon in the Rudresvara temple at Anumakonda.

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Past and dynastjPrinceton, New Jersey: The lack of consistency regarding the varna rank of the Kakatiya dynasty is noteworthy, as is the fact that their kshatriya claims were put forth primarily in documents associated with gifts to brahmans. The Royal families, Feudal families, the rich sections and the merchants participated voluntarily in providing agricultural facilities in every village.

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Here, we are giving the list of Kakatiya Rulers and their contributions for general awareness. Besides dynasfy and literature, the forts, temples, and tanks constructed during the Kakatiya period are an important dynastg of information about the contemporary society, art and architecture. Gunda IV was succeeded by Beta I c.

The Bayyaram tank epigraph now definitely proves that Venna was the earliest member of the family and he ruled from a town called Kakati and as such his descendants are styled as Kakatiyas.

It was eventually conquered by the Delhi Sultanate. This above list gives an idea of exports and imports from Motupalli port to other Indian dybasty along the coast as well to foreign territories. Talbot views the Kakatiya polity as a regional variant of a pan-Indian complex, a dynamic and an expansionist world.

Altogether, the five independent Kakatiya rulers left behind only 26 inscriptions documenting their religious gifts spanning over a period of years Rudradevas — six grants; Mahadeva — one Ganapatideva independently — 14 and with Kakatyia — one; Rudramadevi independently — 4 and Prataparudra — 4. The Kakatiya capital at Orugallu, established inwas not forgotten while Ganapati expanded his territory.


essay on kakatiya dynasty

By Shakeel Anwar Dec 8, According to the Prolaya Nayaka Prataprudra copper plate inscription, Prataprdura committed suicide on the banks of river Narmada because he could not tolerate the humiliation and defeat against Delhi Sultanate ruler Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq.

Social rigidity was less noticeable due to dynamism and fluidity witnessed in ezsay relations.

The strengthening of those hierarchies, which was achieved in part by kakatiyx land for the temples and then attending akkatiya, was necessary as the inland agrarian society grew rapidly in number and location. Kalabhra dynasty Pandyan Kingdom Under Kalabhras. About Me dokka srinivasu I am collecting Indian Heritage and culture related vintage postcards, paintings, prints etc.

Mobility in turn indicates social typologies. Heavy taxation by the state appears to be the feature of Kakatiya polity. Kakatiya lithic records hail the Sudras as the bravest dynastu the four Varnas and also the best.

The most notable among these works include PrataparudriyamKrida-bhiramamuPanditaradhya-charitamuSivayogasaramuNitisaraNiti-shastra-muktavaliNritta-ratnavali kakaatiya, Pratapa-charitaSiddheshvara-charitraSomadeva-rajiyamuPalnativira-charitraVelugotivari-vamsavaliand Velugotivari-vamsacharitra.

The growth of an agricultural peasant class subsumed many tribal people who previously had been nomadic. Anonymous 29 August at Fairs or weekly markets were held regularly at specified places. Many of these edifices, often called “tanks”, including the large examples at Pakala and Ramappa, are still used today.

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