If democratic self-government could not be resurrected from within, Tocqueville was willing to seek an external solution, one that required using weaker peoples as instruments. Princeton University Press, It would take a half century for the Algerian population to return to pre levels. As numerous historians have shown, Bonapartist culture bound glory indissolubly to the spirit of self-defense. Cornell University Press, University of Delaware Press, ,

But by the s and s he was a firm supporter of French possession of Algeria. Although it may be cynically familiar to contemporary critics, in early nineteenth-century France, waging war on an entire people stood far outside the accepted conventions of combat. Log In Sign Up. Tocqueville and the liberal volte-face In the late eighteenth century, a broad consensus emerged for the first time among political thinkers that the European project of unlimited imperial expansion was unwise and immoral. All the writings discussed in this paragraph will appear in my forthcoming translation.

Absolute power removed that unique occasion to think together and to act in common; and it finally would have cloistered us in that narrow individualism into which we are already far too inclined to enclose ourselves.

(PDF) The Demands of Glory: Tocqueville and Terror in Algeria | Kevin Duong –

Ottoman rule left Algerian edsay fragmented, and some local tribes appeared receptive to cultivating shared commercial interests with the French. With this paper, I hope to have made two central points clear.

essay on algeria tocqueville

Perhaps we cannot blame Tocqueville for being a child of his time. In the late eighteenth century, a broad consensus emerged for the first time among political thinkers that the European project of unlimited imperial expansion was unwise and immoral.


essay on algeria tocqueville

For them, war against the French was expres- sivist rather tocqeuville strategic. Lorcin and Daniel Brewer New York: University of California Press,— Hirschman, The Passions and the Interests: If you want the end, you have to want the means. The possession of neither the prince, the legislator, nor God, it could now be the property of citizens defending the patrie en danger.

Even if France esaay a peaceful settler society, Algerians would refuse it because of their warrior ethos.

Essay on Algeria

Comparing the public mon- algeeria of old Europe with those in America, he observed that American monuments differed from the former in both form and function.

He and Beaumont carried it with them as they trav- eled, using its categories to frame their observations. Tocqueville and Terror in Algeria.

Though notoriously difficult to define, liberalism in this context can broadly be understood as encompassing a commitment to the supreme value of freedom, equal human dignity, the rule of law, and representative democracy. Library of America,55—57, Arthur Goldhammer New York: Still, his writings on empire show, as no other aspect of his work does, the tremendous pressure French liberals found themselves under as they tried to carry out the work of refounding the nation in the post-Revolutionary age.

I believe firmly that our contemporaries can make us great as well as prosperous, but only on the condition that we remain free. In these lectures, Guizot claimed that civilization was much more than a collection of social facts.

One year later, he published two parliamentary reports, in which he outlined his views on how to consolidate and colonise Algeria, advocating an apartheid-like regime, under which only Europeans could own property and travel freely.


That year, France com- menced the domination of Algeria. His lectures on the history of philosophy were con- sidered major events among the educated public.

Importantly, Guizot also taught Tocqueville. Harvard University Press,21—, — Dennis Wood, Benjamin Constant: Lively History 50 These half-savage African countries are now undergoing a social development very much like that which took place in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. In Democracy in America, Tocqueville showed that associational activity curbed individualisme by providing citizens concrete ways of exercising political participation and self-rule DA 67— Cornell University Press,12— American Political Science Association.

There is in effect a great political interest that dominates all others. He found the French settlers algegia met there selfish and cruel, however, and they only corroborated his early fears that the French tlcqueville character was unsuited to the creation of stable societies abroad. On the question of empire, each was in a sense representative of his age: Constant maintained that this does not legitimate patent injustice: How to seize glory to attach citizens to the public interest?

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