If you think you may be entitled to special consideration, you should speak to the exams officer at your school or college. They will be available to download from results day. Internal standardisation should ensure that your centre’s candidates are ranked correctly. The UMS marks are allocated by us as a result of the awarding process. You should sample double-mark, selecting mark points within the same band from different teaching sets. Order more stationery online if relevant to your qualification.

Small schools with only one teacher need not carry out internal standardisation. After submitting marks online you should print out a copy of the marks for the moderator and a copy for your own records. Learn how to use Edexcel Online to make registrations and entries You can carry out a wide range of administrative activities using Edexcel Online EOL , including: Lists of courses with places available are published on the UCAS website and in national newspapers after results day. What are the grade boundaries? For more information on whether you can apply through clearing, speak to your careers advisor or visit the UCAS website.

Coursework, controlled assessment and non-exam assessment (NEA) | Pearson qualifications

There are a few reasons why UCAS may not have received your grades. What happens if I make an error when submitting coursework marks?

These do not apply to Linear qualifications. It’s important that you annotate the controlled assessment to show the moderator how you have interpreted the mark scheme and applied it to the students’ work. If your centre is already registered for Edexcel Courseworj, you should contact your Exams Officer and ask them to create a user account for you.


If your teaching staff usually complete their own OPTEMS forms, please see the guide below on how you can give senior teachers or Heads of Department the relevant access to Edexcel Online to complete their own electronic submissions. Moderators are randomly allocated to centres. The enteting must be clearly labelled with the candidate name, candidate number, centre name, centre number and unit code before being photographed.

Making academic entries | Pearson qualifications

In modular qualifications, A level units and cash-ins each have a unique code. L4- Low Level 4 BP4: If you’re unsure whether you’ve been entered for all of the correct cash-ins, the exams officer at your school or college should be able to help. Wed Feb 07 See the table below for some common problems and their solutions.

It’s important that you annotate the coursework to show the moderator how you have interpreted the mark scheme and applied it to the students’ work.

Are you sure you want to exit this session? Access Edexcel Online If you need to be set up with an Edexcel Online account please ask your exams officer. If you have any further questions about the submission of coursework, please do not hesitate to contact me.

edexcel entering coursework marks

Please read the document below carefully for full instructions about how to prepare your sample for sending to your moderator: Most colleges will operate a 1-year course for AS and 2 years for an A level.

You may need to amend your Edexcel Online access to allow you to submit coursework marks online.

Making academic entries

Question papers and coursework tasks may vary slightly in difficulty from year to year. Coursewogk are A levels marked and graded?


Your centre will receive a stationery send which will contain envelopes suitable for sending coursework to the moderator. Who is my moderator and what is their address? You’ve been issued a new grade after a review of marking If you’ve been issued a new grade, you don’t need to do anything – we’ll send your results to UCAS eentering 24 hours of your grade being issued and they will update your application.

edexcel entering coursework marks

cursework When you log in to Edexcel Online and go to the coursework mark submission screen there will be a tick next to the candidates’ names that need to be sent for moderation.

Are you sure you want to exit this session? All marks must be submitted online via Edexcel Online. If you’ve forgotten your Edexcel Online password you can generate a new one.

Submitting controlled assessment, coursework and NEA in Summer 2018

The UMS marks are allocated by us as a result esexcel the awarding process. Wednesday 15 August Students: Download basedata You can download basedata here.

Watch how to change your account profile below.

Are you sure you want to exit this session? Sometimes illness, injury or other personal circumstances can affect your performance during an assessment. You also need to send the work of the highest- and lowest-scoring candidates in addition to the requested sample.

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