It is shown that the uniform displacement required for generating a source level of dB ref. Melanin from Streptomyces bikiniensis was proved to be a promising antioxidant and photoprotectant. The development of altemative strategies for the preparation of these heterocycles is therefore of considerable importance or continues to be a challenge. Catalysis is commercially one of the most important technologies in national economies. Electronic and semiconducting properties and the band structure.

Three problems of interest involving cylinders in an infinite fluid are studied. Molecular structure of the reactants. Your email address will not be published. The photochemical reactivity of Beta,gama-unsaturated lactams and lactones is a subject of current interest. The work is an attempt to understand the role of 5-HT, 5-HT1A and 5-HT2C receptors in the regulation of liver cell proliferation using in vivo and in vitro models.

The study reveals that the alteration of the 5-HT1A and 5-HT2C thesks function and gene expression in the brain stem, cerebral tbesis and hypothalamus play an important role in the sympathetic regulation of cell proliferation, neoplastic transformation and apoptosis.

Summary and Conclusion of the study is presented in Chapter 7, followed by References and Appendices. The pressure field is determined by using geometrical and physical acoustics. The interior pressure is expressed as the sum of the pressures due to all rays that pass through a point.

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We also aimed the synthesis of a few dibenzoylalkene-type systems such as acenaphthenone-2—ylidene ketones and phenanthrenoneylidene ketones. The solution to the Helmholtz equation and the displacement continuity condition at the interface between the array and the surrounding water are used to determine the pressure. Adsorption sites and adsorbed species such as oxygen.


Taken together, these unleash grave demands on formulating equitable standards. Follow us Facebook Twitter. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.

The displacement of the surface of each transducer is in the direction of the normal to the array and is assumed to be uniform. Hence we propose to thesks a few phenanthro-2 3H -furanones to study the effect of a radical stabilising group at 3-position of furanone ring on photolysis. Sign me up for the newsletter! Expressions are derived for the pressure ohd by a sector of the array vibrating in-phase, the entire array vibrating in-phase, and a sector of the array phase-shaded to simulate radiation from a rectangular piston.


The photochemical reactivity of Beta,gama-unsaturated lactams and lactones is a subject of current interest. Preparation method of catalystsurface area and nature of heat treatment. Role of Thesi Sanctions. Username or Email Address. Chapter 5 explores the melanin production ability of marine actinomycetes, characterization of melanin and evaluation of its bioactivity. Acid- base properties of the solid surface.

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The present thesis concentrates largely on sound radiation dyuhti floating structure due to moving load. Synthetic strategies and selectivity profile in their reactivity. T he thesis also review trends in the world trade of the major exports from Kerala Description: We also explored the possibility of developing a new and general approach to the synthesis of 3 2H -furanones from simple and readily available starting materials since such general procedures are not available.

Chapter 1 gives a general introduction to marine actinomycetes; Chapter 2 gives an account vyuthi the morphological, biochemical and physiological characterization of marine actinomycetes.

Neuroprotective Role of Bacopa monnieri.


dyuthi phd thesis

To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Acid-Base, Surface electron donating and catalytic properties of binary oxides of Zr with rare earth elements. T he thesis also review trends in the world trade of the major exports from Kerala.

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Many of these investigations remain isolated and further research is needed to bridge the gap in the present knowledge of the field.

In this sea of claims and counter-claims, this thesis tries to identify the issues involved on the question of equitable access to education on the basis of the factual position in the field of education. The present study provides an insight into the various actinomycetes occurring in the sediments of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Many systematic investigations have been performed to correlate catalytic performances with the above mentioned properties.

The problem is of interest because arrays of hydrophones are housed inside sonar domes and acoustic plane waves from distant sources are scattered by the dome filled with fresh water and cause deterioration in the performance of the thexis. The work also focuses on the thesiis serotonergic changes associated with hapatocyte proliferation and dyutbi to delineate its regulatory function.

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