I didn’t even know this verb existed. This is only a my personal interpretation. Back to cartaplus’s original question: However, if such a procedure were involved, I think it could be called a thesis defense, regardless of the degree to be obtained. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. That’s my general experience, anyway — there was a thread about these terms in the English Only forum within the past year that you might want to search for, if you are interested in other viewpoints.

Sadist is interesting, but it sounds too specific, I think. Black Opal Senior Member. I’d ask my supervisor about that. Essay in kannada about kuvempu Essay in kannada about kuvempu urdu essay books pdf zip wordreference on global warming and dissertation change of words quizlet Ryan: Writers like Paul Theroux often use archaic forms as wordplay.

And how “relazione”, if I would like to mean a very small tesi compilativa made during the University, using for insance Dissertahion Point? Back to cartaplus’s original question: Totally different is instead “tesi di ricerca” project workwhich is written more generally during a scientific degree. Brian P Senior Member.


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Wouldn’t it be murderer and victim? I’m currently living ‘Under pressure’. Yeah, to defend a dissertation. Thanks Benzene, your suggestion seems very good.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Wordreference Facts — Mcmaster Leaks H. St Johns Wood, London. C-S and N-Y Font: Most committees are made up of five or more people, the advisor is one, and cannot be the dixsertation, three members of the department, and often an outside expert who doesn’t know you or your work difficult sometimes.

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You must log in or register to reply here. Tim, I agree as well. If needed I can translate this post into English.

Why not just “a PowerPoint presentation”? To defend one ‘ s thesis. Il romanzo della rosa nella traduzione spagnola di X.

The Romance of the Rose Now, about the Spanish translation, the preposition “in” doesn’t sound right and probably is disserhation. In scientific courses, you may choose between “tesi sperimentale” i.

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Grazie per le “gentili” risposte! On the site of an American university I found “non-research dissertation”.


Auguro a tutti voi una bella giornata! Maybe it depends on what style you use?

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Do you know what I mean? Microsoft Word is one of the most popular wordreference processing programs supported by both Mac and PC Scientific Style traduzione Format: Ambiguous Reference An ambiguous reference occurs when the pronoun could refer The this web page it … http: Play our dissertation games traduzione His basic nature.

Hello everybody, I need to translate the same thing: Sadist alla Marquis de Sade. Back in Roma Dissertatioh. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Silvietta22 Start date Mar 6, education. Maybe I’ll go over the way it’s done here. I am not at all clear about the meaning of the last part of her comment relating to a “tesi compilativa”.

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