We show how one can obtain robust results using assets or wealth variables. High levels of health inequality can also be part of the puzzle. Monday, January 26, – 4: This stock is supposed to be adequate enough. Donc dans la mesure du possible, il conviendrait de se pencher sur la question du choix de l’indicateur.

This is suitable when the health indicator is continuous such as weight, height or body mass index. Overall, inequality in all variables considered is more pronounced in SSA than the rest of the world expect for death and malnutrition. Results and Policy Implications. Unifier le syndicalisme employeurs dans l Though electricity is more a measure of economic development that health measure per se, we add it here as a control for sanitation and nutrition:

Thus, this chapter could thus be viewed as providing the proof that the material and the monetary approaches could be equivalent. In the first part of our dissertation, we start by providing a theoretical framework to find a proxy for wellbeing, in the case where consumption or income-related data are missing, namely by discussing the use of assets as such a proxy.

dissertation ses comment expliquer linstabilité de la croissance

Un examen des taux de malnutrition des enfants confirme ces tendances. But what are the degree of correlation and the direction of the causality between these two phenomena? The sub-continent is still disadvantaged in terms of access to services or ill-health. Our main contribution is to shed a new light on the welfare-inequality-health nexus in Africa, how it evolves over time and how it compares to other regions around the world, using linstabillté available information.

This tends to support our hypothesis that, contrary to common beliefs, African households use assets and building ownerships as saving tools and buffer to economic shocks. Contribution of this Thesis.

This is suitable when the health indicator is continuous such as weight, height or body mass index. Then, how to characterize the poor in this situation? In this chapter, aside the measure of welfare and poverty, we also discuss in a final section the impact of demographic transition on economic growth and therefore on poverty.


Our main rationale in doing so is that low child mortality generates, ceteris paribus, higher life expectancy17, thus is an adequate measure of a population? This requires us to explore the different paths it took based on the assumption that the social and solidarity economy does not only have a history, but also is a history in the sense that it spawned from group dynamics, speeches, and institutionalizations.

dissertation ses comment expliquer linstabilité de la croissance

In this chapter, we concentrate solely on inequality issues in health and health-related infrastructures and services.

It then compared these trends with the monetary poverty over roughly the same expliqued.


But soon, it became evident that an alternative measure is needed to strengthen the? If in almost all these countries, many household surveys have been implemented to collect information on socioeconomic indicators, the major indicator that is needed to analyze poverty namely income or consumption data is unfortunately not often collected due to various reasons time, cost, periodicity, etc.

More specifically, we will focus dissegtation their inequalities: It uses the factor analysis FA method of Chapter dossertation to rank household according to their economic gradient status19 and then studies inequalities in various health indicators in relation with these groups.

But soon, it became evident that an alternative measure is needed to strengthen the? This is mostly due to high levels of, and an increasing inequality at the margin in access to sanitation and electricity services coupled with a decreasing access to these services.

An individual is born with a given stock of health.

This is suitable when the health indicator is continuous such as weight, height or body mass index. How to weight each of them?


Therefore, two different measures of welfare could yield opposite results and messages in terms of policies to implement to combat poverty. How to reconcile two multidimensional and simultaneous events? The first paper also shows however that the demographic transition dissertaiton occurring in developing countries could impede on economic growth and trigger a bullet on policies aiming at combating poverty.

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Results show that, while almost all countries have made great efforts in improving coverage in, and access to, these indicators, almost all the gains have been captured by the better-offs of the society, especially in Croiissance. Conversely, poor health leads inevitably to poverty due to high opportunity costs occasioned by ill-health such as unemployment or limited employability thus a loss of income and revenuesa lower productivity due to loss of strength, croiseance and abilitya loss of motivation and energy which lengthen the duration of job searchhigh health care expenditures or catastrophic expendituresetc3.

Health is said to be one of the most important dimensions of poverty and vice-versa. Audibert, Mathonnat et al. Thursday, June 30, – Humanities and Social Sciences. It is generally agreed that the best way to improve the health of the poor is through pro-poor growth policies and redistribution.

We show that the assets index could be used and yields the same consistent results as using other welfare variable such as income, consumption or expenditure.

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