Loading comments… Trouble loading? Thank you for sharing this, because it is very hard to know exactly what is the best practices for this. If one entry has a bullet point, put bullet points on all. Is using all caps in my name an disastrous mistake? You will only need to provide details of courses or your thesis title if you are writing an academic CV. Avoid too wide a variety of point sizes. White space is very powerful in design because it gives power to the little that is there.

Employers and selectors may have to read a large number of CVs, and if a document does not give them the information they need within minutes, they are likely to reject it without looking any further. Whichever it is, certain things will be the same, but there will be important differences. Avoid mixing too many different styles such as bold , italics or underlining. Audience You may be writing a CV either to get a study place, or a job. In the examples above, none of the words should have been capitalized, except the first words of each sentence. Job titles in cover letters — references to specific job titles should be capitalized ; however, references to general job titles should not be capitalized. Of course, there may be exceptions to this general rule, such as talking about a past event that occurred in your current job.

Grammar rules for your CV: top tips

In laying out your CV, there are three basic principles that should be born in mind: This can of course be true. If you failed a whole 3 year degree, you may have a hard time leaving it out altogether, but you can perhaps mention it as ‘other studies’. A detailed breakdown of grades is unnecessary.


curriculum vitae capitalised

I would not uppercase “curriculum”, though, since this is not a reference to a specific document or the like. After all, if they can write a resume with no mistakes, maybe they can do other things currkculum right way. While some people forget about them altogether, others try to make their applications more impressive by littering them all over the place.

For more examples of CVs and further useful tips and suggestions, take a look at the Student Services ‘Career and Study Abroad’ manual. Title Limit your degree name to the title e. More capitalization rules can be found on the following grammar sites. I would like to think a huge thankyou would make your day and make your time and effort worthwhile!

It citae seem obvious to you that if you are applying to a marketing company, you want to work for a marketing company, but it never hurts to make curroculum obvious explicit.

What To Capitalize On Your Resume – Giacomo Giammatteo

Spelling isn’t everything; horrendous homophones can easily slip through the net and ruin an otherwise good CV. Never capitalise when it is incorrect to do so. June 21, at Your name should be instantly visible, which means it should be bigger and clearer than the rest of the personal details text. A cover letter and resume should draw attention to your skills and qualifications, not detract from them with randomly capitalized words.

Overuse of capitalization makes a resume difficult to read, not to mention it looks plain silly. Whether to include date of birth or marital status is a cultural issue. Your email address will not be published.


Decide for yourself, but remember it is the least important part of the CV. And an animal sactuary sounds like a wonderful dream.

curriculum vitae capitalised

The Americans don’t put them in, the British usually do. Terms and conditions vittae So read on for a quick rundown […]. Most likely, this will mean talking about old jobs in the curriculim tense and your current job in the present tense.

The introduction of this course within the Chemical Engineering Curriculum is at this point in early stages of development. The basic capitalization rules are: The sure way to avoid this risk is by sending your CV as an.

curriculum vitae capitalised

It can also mean that you don’t have to go tabbing across the page when you have text on the right and none on the left. It’s easy to write accidentally about a single company in the plural if you’re thinking about the people who work there.

Much of what is said above goes for Employment as well. Avoid using underlining to make items stand out, use bold or capitalised print for headers and italics for information within the text.

Is David Cameron the prime minister, or the Prime Minister? Also be aware of the level of knowledge of your reader.

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