There are limited interactive methods to effectively engage trainees to improve their training performance [ 23 ]. Introduction Virtual Reality VR technologies have been rapidly recognized in construction engineering education and training CEET programs because they are believed to be effective in enhancing the quality of such programs. Development, implementation, and preliminary assessment of virtual laboratory. Each semester, graduates of the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology are required to complete a senior capstone project. Using 3D and ancillary media to train construction workers. What VR can be expected to bring to the flipped classroom includes immersive simulation, multi-user interaction and real-time active learning.

Stakeholder management studies in mega construction projects: Use of tangible and augmented reality models in engineering graphics courses [ 12 ], and BIM-enabled virtual and collaborative construction engineering and management [ 25 ]. For example, Russell et al. The findings are useful for both researchers and educators to usefully integrate VR in their education and training programs to improve the training performance. However, given that it includes all peer reviewed journal articles related to VR from to , it offers a useful summary of the status quo of VR in CEET. Relationship between student profile, tool use, participation, and academic performance with the use of Augmented Reality technology for visualized architecture models.

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As game-based training, it can be used to enhance collaboration and interaction among students through the provision of tasks that are useful and close to real-life operations [ 43444546 ]. It appears that there is a large research gap related to a systematic investigation on the development and use of VR in education and training [ 21 ].


The after-training survey indicates that such method performs better than the traditional training methods. The results show that VR-based training was more effective in improving concentration and giving trainees a measure of control over the environment. Game-based trench safety education: Hybrid Visualization Approaches for Ubiquitous Learning Activities Based on cqpstone reviewed publications, VR technologies demonstrate featured benefits depending on how realistic the virtual information provided in different CEET scenarios, such as heavy equipment training, design model review and site inspection.

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According to Wu et al. Delivery methods for a multi-disciplinary architectural engineering capstone design course. It is expected that the findings of this research can be a useful reference contributing to future research or practice on implementing VR for education and training in construction and engineering. In recent years, online education and open universities have become increasingly popular. Section 2 discusses the research method, including paper retrieval and the systematic analysis projetc.

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The virtual construction site: Development, implementation, and preliminary assessment of virtual laboratory. Capsrone our programs M. However, the implementation of immersive education in distance learning has not been fully investigated in terms of pedagogy projecg a systematic design of learning curriculum, especially in CEET scenarios.

Human behavior simulation in architectural design projects: With the rapid evolution of other educational kits for facilitating learning activities, the adoptions of mobile and context-aware devices have brought promising results in captone ubiquitous learning environment of engineering education. Traditional training programs, such as computer-based learning, are unable to equip decision makers to deal with various situations.

It should be noticed that the categorization is enumerated, but does not limit further considerations covering all perspectives related to VR, including hardware, software, visualization and interaction issues.


Design, Implementation, and Applications. For example, the BIM objects from previous construction projects can be collected, adapted and stored into a virtual database. Real-time resource location data collection and visualization technology for construction safety and activity monitoring applications.

ceet capstone project

One of the biggest advantages of BIM-based VR is the ability of the model to reflect real-time changes. Peng Wu and H.

Similarly, Fiorentino et al. Interactive modeler for construction equipment operation using augmented reality. Data Analysis The 66 selected publications are analyzed based on a few codes.

International Journal of Construction Education and Research. For example, Pedro et al. With castone support of these technologies, educators can easily develop the required virtual scenes for CEET activities. Section 5 concludes this review. Stakeholder management studies in mega construction projects: For example, in the 3D interactive virtual environmental provided by Kamath et al.

A Critical Review of the Use of Virtual Reality in Construction Engineering Education and Training

Structural Analysis Although structural analysis is a fundamental subject in engineering, students are usually not too enthusiastic about the subject because of the high level of abstractions and the difficult of understanding projetc abstractions and concepts in traditional 2D drawings [ ]. The trainees used a head tracking system and XBOX controller [ captsone ] that was also tracked using eight cameras mounted on the tops of the screens.

Procedures and implementation case study.

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