Release data from the Dharoi reservoir were available for seven events and these were used for modeling the intermediate catchment. The values are distributed to all the nodes in the hidden layer depending on the connection weights Wij and Wjk. For instance, women do not use canal water to meet their domestic needs; in their perception canal water is meant solely for agriculture. The rainfall-runoff models play a significant role in water resource management, planning and hydraulic design [2]. Table of contents conference proceedings The table of contents of the conference proceedings is generated automatically, so it can be incomplete, although all articles are available in the TIB.

Hydrologic Studies for Sabarmati Riverfront Development Materials and Methods 2. As number of hidden layer and neurons are set according to output accuracy required. Services for libraries National interlibrary loan International interlibrary loan. Networks can use the tan-sigmoid transfer function tansig. E-mail this Article Post a Comment. The function of hidden neurons is to intervene between the external input and the network output in useful manner.

case study of dharoi dam

The Figures have been prepared for each month for monthly observed rainfall mmobserved runoff Mm 3 and predicted runoff Mm3 using ANN models. Flowchart of Methodology Vharoi factor, which is one of the most significant characteristics of ANN, is the number of neurons in the hidden layers.


For monthly ANN models, the evaluation shows Pearson correlation coefficient R has been obtained as 0. Theoretical generalization if case studies. Financial viability of the irrigation cooperatives implies that they are able to generate enough income to meet their regular and emergency expenses and at the same time invest adequately in the maintenance and repair of the canals. Results and Discussion The regression plot for target runoff and output runoff, for each monsoon month, obtained as a result of ANN monthly models have been shown below in Figure 4.

The farmers, through the Water User Associations WUAs registered as Irrigation Cooperatives in Gujarat, are involved in the planning of all functions transferred to them, including distribution dhwroi water.

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Dharoi Dam, Gujarat

The models results provide valuable information, which can use to solve problems in water resources studies and management. If the numbers of neurons are insufficient, the network cannot caae the complex data set and the obtained results will be a poorly fit. Each neuron in a certain layer is connected to every single neuron in the stucy layer by links having an appropriate and an adjustable connection weight. Also, the similar figures have been prepared for annual rainfall-runoff ANN model.

The coefficients and intercepts of the input variables of this function are called weights and biases. This caxe is a stub. The main characteristic of this type of model consists of establishing a stable relationship between input and output variables without accounting to the physical laws that govern the natural processes when rainfall is transformed into runoff.

A notable case of deliberate dam or prior to the above ruling was the Royal Air Force ‘Dambusters’ raid on Germany in World War II codenamed “Operation Chastise”in which three German dams were selected to be breached in order to damage German infrastructure and manufacturing and power capabilities deriving from the Ruhr and Eder A summary of the study of the extent and the causes of deprivation of tail-enders and other deprived in Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Tamil Nadu.

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This is especially true, when high precision is required. The ANN is also described as a mathematical structure, which is capable of representing the arbitrary complex nonlinear process relating the input and the output of any system [10]. Loading Unsubscribe from GujjuGeeks? Sabarmati originates from Aravalli hills at an elevation of near village Tepur in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. If no arguments are supplied, the default number of layers is 2, the default number of neurons in the hidden layer is 10, and the default training function is trainlm.


The Dharoi reservoir should be so operated that the total flow in the river at Ahmedabad, including the flow from the catchment downstream of Dharoi, does not exceed cumec. The study on rainfall-runoff relationship also helps in planning and developing distribution policies from the available water resources [3].

case study of dharoi dam

In the present study, the batch training method is used in nntoolbox. The hydrologic data were available for twenty- nine years at Dharoi station at Dharoi dam project.

Direct access to the library catalogue. Results of ANN model for annual rainfall-runoff. Table of contents conference proceedings The table of lf of the conference proceedings is generated automatically, so it can be incomplete, although all articles are available in the TIB.

Arun Sidhpura, former Casual lecturer Challenger insti. The Shivalik extends about 1, km from southwest Kashmir through northern India into southern Nepal. Download Citation on ResearchGate Comparative study of drinking and irrigation water quality of reservoirs: This study of rainfall-runoff modelling is important for the Dharoi reservoir watershed with the point of view the Dharoi dam project.

case study of dharoi dam

The efficiency and sustainability of an Irrigation Cooperative IC depends on its decision making as well as set of norms and rules developed on the basis of the collective wisdom of its members. British Library Online Contents The results indicated that ANN cam capture the nonlinearity dhxroi rainfall-runoff modelling very well with good predictive power for simulation in hydrological models.

Stud Irrigation cooperatives at minor level are important institutions that have a pivotal role in success of Participatory Irrigation Management.

The training window appears by default.

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