For America, getting to the Moon first became a point of national pride. However, with the right conditions, it is easily visible to the naked eye. Conversely, if our local noon comes four minutes before theirs, then the opposite applies: It shows the wrong way to build a sundial, using stones and a shadow stick to mark the hours. I watched with a mix of awe and fear.

For more information, see the supplementary video in Lesson 21 play from 2 min, 21 sec. Of the 10,or-so stars visible to the naked eye, only a few hundred have been named. Consequently, sizzling jets of matter and radiation are blasted outwards in a continuous stream — ejected from above and below the black hole. A megaparsec is one million parsecs — bearing in mind that a single parsec is 3. Due to light pollution, the starry band of the Milky Way can only be observed from a dark site, many miles from any city. What is a meteorite?

What is the likely origin of the Moon? Saturn, for example, is nine-and-a-half times farther from the Sun than Earth; so, we could say that its distance is miles… or 9.

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It also explains how galactic red-shifts are linked to the Doppler Effect. Thus, if we know the exact draawings that local noon occurs in another place, we can work out how far east or west that place is by the difference between their local noon and our local noon — i. The shadow falls opposite the sun; so, the first stone placed will mark west, whilst the second stone will mark east.


Both solar and lunar eclipses can be determined years in advance, almost down vcse the moment they occur.

A simpler approach, and the one in use today, is to assign a letter consttellation each star within a constellation. Assuming an abundance of H 2 O molecules there, plus an appropriate atmospheric pressure, such a world could sustain liquid water on its surface.

astronomy gcse coursework constellation drawings

Thus, if Earth stayed in one place relative to the Sun, the solar day would be the same as the sidereal day. As you can see aboveonly radio waves and visible light in cousrework EM spectrum are able to penetrate all the way to ground-based observatories.

These particles are flying away from the Sun in all directions. What is a sundial? Within the chromosphere, drawkngs temperature is actually lower than at the surface.

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By the time it reaches Earth, the light is no longer visible at optical wavelengths, but detectable as microwaves. Thus, a collision between Earth and another planet seems the most plausible way of accounting for similarities, while allowing for some differences.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. What is the Zodiacal Band? What is its orbital radius? What were the aims of the Apollo Space Programme? You should now watch the supplementary video, in which The Plough is referred to as a constellation for convenience.

In Syene, no shadow was cast, since the Sun lay directly overhead. A megaparsec is one million parsecs — bearing in courssework that a single parsec is 3.


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Inthe NASA space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into its flight, claiming the lives of all seven crew members, including one school teacher — Christa McAuliffe, winner of a competition, whose prize was to become the first teacher in space. Together, these map the entire sky. If so, point to any of the following:. Planets follow slightly elliptical nearly circular paths courxework the Solar System; keeping a certain, average distance from the Sun.

How does the atmosphere of Venus illustrate global warming? If you wanted to sound technical, you could say that the equation reconciles apparent solar courseowrk with mean solar time. This line is the ecliptic. Hence, lunar eclipses occur more frequently.

Observations are made as part of the coursework requirements and guidance on completing the required drawings or photographs is provided.

Instead, at the instant of its death, it simply collapses to form a massive black hole. If the thought of rocks falling from the sky worries you… relax. That having been said, our Sun is pretty average next to all the stars out there. The most popular is the giant impact hypothesis.

astronomy gcse coursework constellation drawings

It shows the wrong way to build a sundial, using stones and a shadow stick to mark the hours.

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